The Ring Series

A fantasy action trilogy for young readers

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The Ring of Truth


Book One

 Ria thinks that she has enough on her plate when her dad decides to accept a promotion that will require their family to move to a different country. On top of being the new girl, she is soon gifted a mysterious ring with unbelievable powers. Suddenly, eerie disasters begin to follow Ria, harming not only her, but everybody around her. Desperate for answers, Ria takes a leap of faith. What she doesn't know is that the consequences could change the world. 

The Ring of Courage


Book Two

 Ria has finally gotten the forces of evil under control—locked up with the key thrown away. She quietly settles into a new life on the opposite side of the world. But all too soon, she learns of a new danger on the horizon and is violently thrown back into the treacherous realm of magic, with the stakes higher than ever. While battling for her life and those she cares about most, Ria realizes that the line between good and evil isn’t always as clear as it seems. Sometimes you just need to listen to your heart and have a little courage. 

The Ring of Hope


Book Three

 Ria knows that her fight isn’t over yet. Despite all that she has done, the Dark Lord is still looming over her. Tired of rolling with the punches, Ria decides to take matters into her own hands. She sets off to find three magical treasures that are hidden all over the world. Legend has it that the one who finds them all will be granted one wish. But time is running out, and Ria is not the only one trying to change the world…